Nick mick

Male - 18 yrs old - Greece

Hi there! My name's Nick mick; I like helping people in need and speading values such as positivity, forgiveness, and love!!

What I like:
Food - cookies (mainly braided) - fruits - lentil soup - women jewelry - riding my bicycle - people who come out as bisexual, transgender etc. and don't surrender to the male patriarchy.

Golden Age (Noveltoons, Fleischer toons, Warner Bros., Walt Disney) - Donald Duck and Goofy toons - SpongeBob and other Nicktoons - Disney Renaissance films (my favorite is Aladdin!) - obscure animation - Pixar films (especially WALL-E and The Incredibles) - anime (Saiki K, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Manga Aesop Monogatori etc.) - and more!

Plus various films and Netflix shows: The Truman Show, Clockwork Orange, Black Mirror, Sex Education, Squid Game, Fresh Prince of Bel Air etc.

Playlist with my favorite kinds of music! (including classical light, electric and jazz)

If you are a friendly and kind person and not a [email protected]@k to others' likes, make sure to check out my accs below!

(also make sure to check out my Insta where I upload selfies of me wearing my fav jewelry!!)